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Goodbye Iambda

Posted by FunkyGrunt2394 - May 26th, 2021

As of quite recently, one of the first follower and friend has left us. Iambda.

As he was an amazing person and friend, I have been quite upset. But I have to accept it. he has blocked me off every contact on newgrounds, for a reason I do not know of, although, I have been doing some things recently and maybe he left me because of one of those reasons, but I do not know which one.

I have dealt with losing an amazing friend before, and last time I couldn't handle it good, but now that I have grown I now know how to deal with it. I wont be stubborn and try to do anything, I will accept his decision. although I will say farewell. now lets talk about our history.

Our friendship only lasted 3 or 4 weeks so this will be short. One day I posted an animation that was sure to get blammed, and Iambda had quite a lot of blams, and was a reasonable guy so he blammed my movie. and I wanted to go into a further depth of information so i went to his account page and read through his news and reviews. and then I stumbled on a news posted called: "a f*ggot* who cant take criticism." and when he blammed my movie, I was in a strong agreement with him. so I replied to the news saying; "I agreed with you so much that I named my movie to 'pile of trash'." (i renamed the movie to pile of trash after his comment on the movie.) at some point he followed me, so I followed him. our first conversation was when I asked him: "which animating program do you use?" and the conversation went on for a bit. so our small friendship grew. and so days past, and then he drew me! and if you didn't know, he is a fantastic artist, so being drawn by him was really honoring, so I drew him a little picture and also sent him a few other things. and then, it happened.

Today, I was just going around newgrounds like a usual day, and I go to my user page, and I see my follower count drop by one, so I clicked on it and saw that Iambda wasn't following me, so I went to message him and it said that I was blocked. and I figured that, well, our friendship came to an end.

and here I am, writing this right now. so, I guess this is the final paragraph. he's completely blocked me, so I don't know if he'll see this news, but I want to say thank you.

he has taught me things about newgrounds, I found out about blamming and saving from him, so he has really helped me understand newgrounds and he's been really kind.

Goodbye, and thank you.iu_314718_8834096.png




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