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10 F*cking fans.

Posted by FunkyGrunt2394 - July 29th, 2021

Disclaimer: may take long time to read.

We finally did it. after 129 days, we did it. We got 10 F*cking fans. I am very glad to have achieved this acomplishment. therefore, I will tell you my experience right from the start.

The start

The start. this is where I tell you how I found newgrounds, and the beginnings. now, How I found newgrounds was a very common way. you know friday night funkin'? of course you do. anybody on newgrounds who hasn't seen or heard about it will find out soon. (you were expecting me to say something like, "anybody on newgrounds who hasn't seen or heard about it lives under a rock.") anyway, so I found newgrounds because of Friday night funkin'. and also friday night funkin got me into madness combat, because of the tricky mod. for some reason, I feel shame and cringey when I say I found madness combat from the tricky mod, but hopefully you guys can forgive me. and so, one day, I left the laptop with my dad and the newgrounds "sign up" thing came on and so my dad proceeded to make an account, I came in the room, and saw what he was doing, and I thought creating an account would be good, So I took control of the laptop and made this account. oh yeah, before we move onto more things, I played on newgrounds before friday night funkin', and that was to play henry stickmin.

Learning newgrounds

As I made my account, I just went on friday night funkin' and got medals. I eventually went onto my user page and looked around and was interested. the first thing I took notice of was the "levels." and I wanted to know how to level up. but I put that out of the way and played more friday night funkin.' and then, came my first news post. this news post was deleted due to cringe and so the news post read: "I find south somewhat harder than milf" and then later on I edited the news post saying: "Edit: ohhh its the hard mode Milf thats hard." nobody saw it. which was good. I eventually started to learn how to vote and get exp. after a few days of being on newgrounds, I got my first follower. the newgrounds user named, "Boss." I was very excited to see my first follower, and even better, he looked well known. I don't really remember that much. but I do remember this one art post I did that got deleted due to breaking art guidelines. and onto the next paragraph.

Social interaction

this is the period when I interacted more. let me tell you the story of how I met my third follower, Faketankman. unfortunately, his PC is starting to break down so he cant do anything. I commented on this sh*tpost thing saying; "bro the characters looking like the zombies from madness combat" (the characters teeth looked strange) and so, FakeTankMan, reacts to it. (not reply, just to be certain) and I get followed by him. I follow him back, and I look on his user page and find him really cool, he had these nice looking art, a high level, etc. and i explain a little about him in an other news post of mine.

A whole new time

The Iambda847 history has been explained in a previous news post.

The "Goodbye" and "I'm back" time period

back a month or weeks ago, I used to have a lot of breaks, mostly because of school. but then, I posted a news post called "a light at the end of the tunnel" explaining how I will not do the "goodbye" and "I'm back" posts, because the summer holidays are close, and, right now, it's the summer holidays. so I have a lot of time on my hands. (except if I'm away.)

Final paragraph

Wow. you made it this far? you must have a lot of time on your hands. anyway, that's all the newgrounds history I had in the past 129 days that I could remember. I hope you enjoyed the 10 fan "special."

Have a great day, friends.


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Um wow cool story say you want to be friends

that does sound nice. I will think about it.

oh sorry about the extra re re comments that was lag on my end

@ethanblair @Funkystick2394 cheeeaahh your totally probably not going to be my friend thats a bad sign you don't know me so I mean its your call I hope we can be friends

I've had a look through your userpage and you seem pretty cool! you even have an underdog of the week trophy!

I've decided that I should have you as a friend!

@ethanblair @Funkystick2394 @Funkystick2394 I am not cool really though I am thank full I got under dog as thats what I consider to be though I earned it by pitching the game idea to zabujard and we made disect garfield zabujard cool though his games are uhhh interesting definitely view with a strong heart

It is a beatiful story, then you passed and can be more time in your laptop. Congratulations!