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I think you made a mistake with the fists. it has 2 right hands but it is still pretty good.

nice. you also added a bit of shading, cool.

Alex5832 responds:

I Fix The Fists

i was listening to its just a burning memory and i opened newgrounds while listening and, with burning memory still on, i clicked on this art. perfect timing.

Man-of-culture-offic responds:


it's funny to think that tricky spawned a whole building with many enemies just to distract hank so he could have a hotdog

qhwa responds:

Lmao ikr

Fuck you

Therealpepsiman responds:

Fuck you

i remember vaguely that youtube reply conversation

Man-of-culture-offic responds:


f*cking amazing. you even added that part when sanford covered his ears when tricky was shouting hank's name.

Man-of-culture-offic responds:

Why thank you good person of the internet

As dripy gave a menacing look to the marshmallow, he pulled out his dripsign and grunts in the background turn up the music. the marshmallow strikes a malicious energy, it tries to ignore dripy's drip. and so, the battle commenced. the marshmallow tries to squash dripy, but dripy flawlessly moves out of the way, then, readying his dripsign to attack, he jumps, ready to slash at the opponent, but, within mid air, the marshmallow used its bounciness to launch dripy in the air. Dripy felt a loss of oxygen, so he equipped his drippack and flew down, leaving the marshmallow no time to avoid the dripsign.

potato445566 responds:

you are the giga chad of this comment section

potato445566 responds:

bruh best comment yet

this must've taken a very long time! I've recently been doing pixel art and it takes a very long time. a lot of time and effort was put into this art. Good job!

GeriHaker responds:

Yes, it taken long time, but sure that will be good your first Pixel Art.

man i really wish there was a mod where you are one of meg's boyfriends (she has had some in some episodes) or boyfriend as neil. and of course meg on the speakers. and of course, peter, as meg's father, would be daddy dearest. week 2 would be stewie and brian, since skid and pump are friends, and stewie and brian are friends. and week 3... uh... let me think.. joe. i pick him because.. he is crippled, which makes him shorter than others, and pico, (canonically 20 years old i think) is rather short for his age, therefore making joe be in week 3. and in week 4, you know who it is, lois. and week 5 would be peter and lois, and week 6 would be qaugmire, like in a post of yours. and tankman isn't avaible on itch so that leaves me a lot less thinking and typing. welp. uh. i don't think a comment is supposed to be this long.

GarbageMan64 responds:

Stan Smith American Dad as Tankman?

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